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About us
SmarTeens ry is a public benefit non-profit organisation working in Helsinki since 2015. We work with youth.
Our mission is to awaken interest in the culinary arts, to inspire people to cook at home, in their own kitchens, to show that cooking is easy and everyone can do it!
We are in favour of a conscious and serious approach to food, always keeping the course on a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition!
QualityChildren's cookery school
EachWeekly culinary adventures for children from 5 to 16 years old. We discover the world's culinary horizons, learn the right attitude to food, master the skills of culinary art and learn the basics of gastronomic culture! Everyone is welcome, from beginners to pros!
SupportCulinary laboratory
The place of experimentation - the kitchen! "Edible" chemical, physical and microbiological experiments, research and investigations. We learn and understand all the processes that take place in the kitchen "from the inside".
Organising and holding "tasty" events
Our kitchen-studio is a ready platform for the realisation of the most daring ideas! "Tasty and active leisure for children and adults! Masterclasses for adults and children, friendly cookery duels and quests, theme parties, children's parties and birthdays of our club members and our friends.

Children's online cookery club

We create an online space for children and teenagers interested in cookery. Active online support, private chat for community members, online cookery marathons. Participation is free!
we post up-to-date information about our activities on facebook
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